How to Increase Your Spiritual Conversations


“In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower

Eisenhower understood that something happens to us and to our organization when we go through the process of planning.  It deepens our conviction, it generates passion, it produces resolve and it creates broader ownership. All battle plans have contingencies but the goal always remains the same.

In this next series of posts I hope to give you seven ideas to help you, your team and your church in developing a plan for increasing your spiritual conversations this year.

1. Own it as the leader.

Let’s face it, if reaching people far from Jesus is not on the front burner of your life it will not even be on the radar screen of your church.

Everytime I get frustration with the lack of meaningful contact with people far from Jesus, I pray this simple prayer,

“Father, I’m sorry for my ineffectiveness and insensitivity to the people you are bringing into my life. Help me today to get into a meaningful spiritual conservation with someone you love and are drawing to yourself. In Jesus Name, Amen.”

Prayer is more about aligning our lives with God’s purposes than with meeting our own personal needs.

Not all of us as pastoral leaders are gifted in evangelism, but all of us are charged “to do the work of an evangelist” (2 Timothy 4:5).

No matter where your primary calling or giftedness lies, whether it is to be a shepherd, teacher, or a leader of God’s people, I believe Paul’spastoral charge applies to us all.

If you are a shepherd then use your shepherding gift to guide your people into the work of evangelism.

If you are a teacher then use your teaching gift to inspire your people into the mission of God.

And if you are a leader then use your leadership gifts to lead your church into the great harvest that surrounds your church.

Ed Stetzer once said, “If you want your church to be evangelistic and you yourself are not evangelistic – you are on a fools errand.”

Two take aways:

  • Pray the prayer in this post everyday for the next 30 days. See how God will answer it!
  • Find a coach that will help you guide, inspire or lead your people into the work of evangelism.

Additional Resources

Next Time:  Expand the effectiveness of your staff or team.

About Gary Rohrmayer

Gary has a unique focus in mobilizing and mentoring leaders into the harvest field. He specializes in equipping leaders in areas of spiritual formation, church multiplication and church health. Gary’s vision is to see that no leader travel their ministry journey alone. He desires to emulate the ministry of Barnabas by becoming a son of encouragement to the next generation of leaders.
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