New Year Sale on Spiritual Conversations Materials

Inorder to help leaders, churches and ministries increase their spiritual conversation in 2015.  We are offering a year end sale on these unique evangelism materials. Sale ends January 9th 2015.

This is not a traditional gospel tract; it is a spiritual conversational tool used to help bring more focus to your spiritual conversations. The Spiritual Journey Guide is built on a dialog model of sharing the wonders of Jesus’ teaching on who He is and our relationship with Him). This is an excellent spiritual assessment tool to help seekers and believers alike determine where they are spiritually and to show them how to take the next steps on their spiritual journey.

The Spiritual Journey Guide now available in TWO new looks:

Tri-fold version Retail $14.95 Sale: $10.95 Ordering Here


Square version $14.95 Sale: $10.95 Ordering Here


In its ninth printing. Over 2 million sold.
Product comes in packages of 100 guides

Spiritual Conversations Book

Amazon Price $13.00 Sale: $8.95 Ordering Here


Twenty years in the making this book reflects my journey from frustration to joy in sharing my faith with those in my life. In this book you will discover biblical principles brought to life and practical discoveries from the front lines of ministry. The Spiritual Journey Guide has sold over 2 million and after years of requests I finally wrote a book on my view of evangelism and on how to use The Spiritual Journey Guide.

Spiritual Conversations is a quick read, with a fresh perspective on eternal conversations.

Additional Reading:

How Will You Increase Your Spiritual Conversations?

  1. Own it As the Leader
  2. Expand the Effectiveness of Your Staff 
  3. Continually Call Your Leaders Into the Mission
  4. Provide Training Opportunities for Your Congregation
  5. Create Immersion Experiences for Your Congregation

About Gary Rohrmayer

Gary has a unique focus in mobilizing and mentoring leaders into the harvest field. He specializes in equipping leaders in areas of spiritual formation, church multiplication and church health. Gary’s vision is to see that no leader travel their ministry journey alone. He desires to emulate the ministry of Barnabas by becoming a son of encouragement to the next generation of leaders.
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