22 Quotes from George Whitefield


Over 30 years ago I was given a profound gift of Arnold A. Dallimore’s classic work, George Whitefield, the Life and Times of the Great Evangelist of the Eighteenth-Century Revival.  George Whitefield was not a man of great physical stature but he was a powerful servant of God.  He experienced a deep and dramatic spiritual conversion. He was a man who loved the word of God, whose dependence on God was seen through his rigorous exercise of spiritual disciplines. He preached often, sometimes two to three times a day, offering powerful extemporaneous sermons. His belief in God’s sovereignty fuel his passion to share the message of Jesus and drove him to preach anywhere at any time, often drawing larger crowds estimated up to 30,000 people at a time. He labored tirelessly preaching over 18,000 times to an estimated 10 millions hearers on two continents.   He had big heart and started an orphanage in Georgia which he funded personally and carried its debts throughout his life time.  Whitefield’s preaching tours sparked a revival that resulted in the first Great Awakening in America. He was America’s first celebrity. About 80 percent of all American colonists heard him preach at least once.


“The true believer can no more live without prayer, than without food day by day.”― George Whitefield

“What! Get to heaven on your own strength? Why, you might as well try to climb to the moon on a rope of sand!” ― George Whitefield

“No, the religion of Jesus is a social religion.” ― George Whitefield

“Be humble, talk little, think and pray much.” ― George Whitefield

“I would rather wear out than rust out.” ― George Whitefield

“Pray that I may be very little in my own eyes, and not rob my dear Master of any part of his glory.” ― George Whitefield


About Gary Rohrmayer

Gary has a unique focus in mobilizing and mentoring leaders into the harvest field. He specializes in equipping leaders in areas of spiritual formation, church multiplication and church health. Gary’s vision is to see that no leader travel their ministry journey alone. He desires to emulate the ministry of Barnabas by becoming a son of encouragement to the next generation of leaders.
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