The Spiritual Journey Guide

4fbad-6a00d83452d9dd69e201b8d0b21c2f970c-piThe Spiritual Journey Guide

An excellent diagnostic tool to help seekers and believers alike to determine where they are spiritually and to show them how to take the next steps on their spiritual journey. In its eighth printing.

For over 20 years Gary Rohrmayer has been developing this tool through personal experience and the training of lay people, pastors, church planters and missionaries.  Gary’s desire is to help followers of Christ move from a combative approach to evangelism to a more collaborative approach that sustains and cultivates relationships.

Through four simple diagnostic questions you can help the spiritual searcher identify and discover the barriers in their spiritual journey and you can identify how deeply the Holy Spirit is at work in their lives drawing them towards Christ.

These four diagnostic questions are also useful in assisting a follower of Christ in identifying and discovering the barriers in their own spiritual maturity and fruitfulness.

The goal of this process is not to lead a person towards a forced prayer of repentance but to help them develop a personalized plan towards spiritual discovery or spiritual maturity.

The Spiritual Journey Guide is a simple conversational guide that helps people self-assess where they are on their spiritual journey while providing guidance and direction for taking the next step towards spiritual discovery and spiritual maturity.(Click to see a Sample Version)

“I am amazed how many people are discovering the liberating joy of Jesus through this simple, relational and interactive approach.”  Gary Rohrmayer

Order the NEW Journey Guide in English

Order the NEW Tri-fold Version of the Journey Guide

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