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3 Benefits For Taking The Natural Church Development Survey

May is “Church Health Month” around here at Converge MidAmerica.  It is a season in our calendar where we encourage churches to take a close look at both the quality and the quantity of their church’s ministry through taking the … Continue reading

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Is Your Church Plateaued? Free Podcast

Barriers Breakers Podcast Episode #4–More Reasons Why Your Church Has Plateaued Released Oct 31, 2014 In this Episode, Jonathan Reitz and Gary Rohrmayer explore 4 additional reasons why your church may have hit a plateau.    Additionally, the fellas dive into … Continue reading

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The Barrier Breakers Podcast is Launched

The Barrier Breakers Podcast By Jonathan Reitz and Gary Rohrmayer Jonathan Reitz and Gary Rohrmayer talk about the leadership skills you need to help your church break through the most common leadership barriers!  You might be stuck at a certain … Continue reading

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